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Keep your guests comfortable with climate control of your tent!

Tent Heater

Heaters deliver safe, dependable, thermostat controlled heating for any tented event.

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Portable Radiant Heater

Take this heater with you if your event moves from one space to another

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Patio Heater

Enjoy your outdoor space even during colder months with this durable, powerful heater.

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Portable Heat Pump & Spot Cooling Air Conditioner

This industrial portable AC unit is designed for economical spot cooling in tents, industrial plants, server rooms, hospitals, laboratories, and anywhere electrical equipment creates a heat load.

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Misting Fan

Fine mist and high-speed air movement for effective cooling indoors and outdoors.

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A three-speed cooler can cover 2,650 sq. ft. and lower the temperature up to 30 degrees F.

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Drum Fan

Available in 24" and 36" this is energy efficient and good for any indoor or outdoor space.

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Pole Fan

Available in 12" and 20" this blends in with most tents and are so quiet you don't hear them, you only feel them.

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Air Conditioner

Our portable AC is perfect for temporary spot cooling.

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